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Al-Khaliq National Innovative School

About Us

In The Name Of Allah The Most Beneficent The Merciful

As our name itself signifies that our mission is an amalgam of respecting our old rich heritage with accepting modern technology and methodology demanded by the age. We live in as desired by Alama Iqbal (RA) that we will grasp nothing from Quran and not receive the barakat of Wahi unless to understand it and to interact with it.

Our school will become the first of its kind to introduce a special Quranic course with Tajweed, Grammar , translation with complete understanding of Arabic Language, 30 Paras to be completed by our children step by step in 5 years, inshallah. In addition to this the basic fiqa, halal and haram. Duas of daily life, prayer etiquettes of life are some highlights of Islamiyat course. So that the ignorance of the most needed but neglected way of life i.e: Quran , is to be conquered.

Having a huge loss of educational opportunities due to prevailing disturbances in a conflict zone , our young ones are highly effected in general and rural children in particular. To overcome this loss AL-KHALIQ National innovative school is presenting itself as a servant to overcome these missed opportunities, helplessnesses and frustrations but seeking your support as well Insha Allah.